Why companies partner with BrandVision Communications

  • High level thinkers;
  • Knowledgeable and experienced marketers in all aspects from creative production, advertising, event, public relations, media, specialist writing, strategic plans, sponsorship to licensing;
  • Provide professional management skills;
  • Apply efficient and effective processing and project management tools;
  • Develop and implement relevant communication tactics;
  • Develop transparent budgets, delivered against agreed line items and within time frame;
  • Compliment and support internal client teams and other agencies;
  • Network of suppliers to fit the budget;
  • Network of media across different industries;
  • Develop story lines to enhance motivation and exposure in media;
  • Take the slog out of publicity. We handle the creation of the story, written copy, photography, training of spokesmen, lobbying to relevant media, to measurement of exposure.

BrandVision Communications is a 100% female owned business, that specialising in partnering with our clients.  We achieve the best solution for your day to day marketing and communication projects.